Water/Waste Water Control Systems

Electric Machine Control has wide-ranging experience in providing superior control systems for the Water & Wastewater Industry.   Electric Machine Control solutions are implemented in today’s environment of heightened security requirements, limited personnel, multiple regulatory compliance demands, and integrating with existing legacy control systems.  

Electric Machine Control Water & Wastewater Solutions include full Electrical Design, Application Engineering, Programming Services, Graphics, Control Panel Fabrication, RTU Fabrication, and Drawings/Documentation.  Electric Machine Control’s cost effective control solutions allow Water & Wastewater Utilities to meet their expanding System demands in capacity and production levels while providing reliable service to your customers.   EMC solutions utilize standard industrial control components, PLC and HMI programming is open architecture design, and is always non-proprietary and fully expandable.  


Water System Controls

  • Filter Controls
  • Membrane Processes
  • Open/Closed Loop Chemical Feed Controls 
  • Tank Level Control
  • Booster Station Control
  • Pump Controls
  • Instrumentation Control and Interface
  • Instrumentation Calibration and Start-up
  • Remote Telemetry

Wastewater System Controls

  • Influent Controls
  • Headworks
  • Screen Controls
  • Grit and Grease Removal
  • Aeration Controls
  • Blower Control
  • Dissolved Oxygen Control
  • Clarifier Controls
  • Open/Closed Loop Chemical Feed Controls
  • Lift Station Controls
  • Retrofit Existing Lift Station Controls
  • Instrumentation Control and Interface
  • Plantwide WIFI
  • Remote Telemetry

Electric Machine Control Water & Wastewater Solutions include:

  • Full Integration Services
  • Comprehensive Control System Analysis
  • Project Management 
  • Controls designed with standard off-the-shelf industrial components
  • Control Systems are expandable and Flexible
  • Full system testing at our facility prior to shipping
  • PLC and HMI Programming is non-proprietary open-architecture 
  • Accurate and Comprehensive Submittals and O & M Documentation
  • Multiple PEs on staff
  • UL 508 A and UL 698 Panel Design Capabilities