Electric Machine Control, Inc. is an Industrial Systems Integrator and Solutions Provider specializing in Drives and Control Systems in Pulp and Paper, Metals, Water/Wastewater, Material Handling, and General Industrial Applications. Our experience includes thirty plus years in engineering, specifying, designing, programming, software development, manufacturing, and integrating numerous process control automation projects. These projects include everything from simple control panels, to stand-alone drive panels, to operator control desks, to HMI interfaces, to PLC automation, to custom communication drivers, to precision high speed coordinated drive and control systems.

As an independent systems integrator and a manufacturer, Electric Machine Control is able to provide components and subsystems from a wide variety of suppliers in order to achieve the most cost-effective solution for our customers. whether your system utilizes PLC's, PC's, Drives, or HMI platforms, we have the expertise and experience to provide a custom-fit solution for your needs. Most of our project experiences have been in the Pulp and Paper Industries and Metal Industries and include various control rebuilds from drives, motors, transformers, PLC's, and HMI's. We also have experience retrofitting existing obsolete drive and control systems in these applications. Our drive and control systems are engineered and designed to withstand the harsh environments of these demanding industries. Our systems are designed to provide you with reliable operation and minimized downtime.