eHouse - Custom Control Rooms

Electric Machine Control eHouses are cost effective, prefabricated, robust, self-contained steel structures designed to house low, medium, and high voltage electrical equipment such as:

  • Switchgear
  • Motor Control (Low Voltage & Medium Voltage)
  • Variable Frequency Drives (Low Voltage & Medium Voltage)
  • Relay Panels
  • RTUs
  • PLC
  • Instrument Control Panels

eHouse structures offer the flexibility to provide a variety of equipment, interconnected, installed and tested in the same enclosure prior to on-site delivery.  eHouse structures offer effective weather protection, are fully insulated, and are climate controlled to offer the optimum protection for your electrical and electronic equipment.  With the eHouse integration and testing of electrical equipment and components is completed at the manufacturing plant rather than in the field.  

A custom designed and engineered eHouse can be utilized in almost any industrial application such as Woodyard, Mining, Water and Wastewater Treatment, Power Generation, Power Distribution, Paper Mill, Steel Mill – plus a wide range of other industrial segments.


eHouse Features and Benefits

  • Major electrical equipment is pre-installed, wired and tested at factory before shipment to the jobsite.  Equipment is laid out within the structure to meet required electrical codes and standards.  The eHouse is designed around the dimensional needs of the project, clearances and equipment housed.
  • eHouses require only input power and field connections, all other interconnections are installed and tested at our facility prior to shipping.
  • eHouses are designed and built to meet the customer’s particular requirements. 
  • eHouse interior features include ample work space, adequate lighting, easy equipment access, and a comfortable work environment for personnel all designed with safety in mind.
  • From a sourcing standpoint EMC is responsible for all equipment inside the eHouse.
  • EMC provides complete design engineering for the eHouse.  Design engineering includes elements such as future portability, future expansion options, and foundation requirements as needed.
  • eHouse construction includes custom engineered doors and panels to allow access to all electrical equipment.  Construction can be from a variety of materials including painted galvanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.
  • Internal wiring is provided complete with full wiring schematics.
  • External connections are easily adapted to overhead or underground conduit systems.
  • eHouse testing is completed at our facility as an integrated system and offers the customer the ability to complete multiple tests prior to installation and start-up.  Witness testing can be accomplished at one location.
  • The eHouse usually ships in a single shipment greatly reducing receiving, handling, and storage requirements. 
  • Cable runs can be minimized by placing the eHouse near the process being controlled.
  • eHouse installation and scheduling are flexible.  A minimum number of crafts are required for installation and the schedule can be design to fit your critical path.
  • eHouses also offer the benefit of being taxed and depreciated as equipment instead of real estate.