Field Service

Our experienced staff of field personnel is available to you 24/7, 365 days per year, to assist with troubleshooting, aid in disaster recovery, or provide routine system maintenance.  From a broad spectrum of industries our technicians have gained expert level process knowledge and the ability to adapt to varied control systems.  They can also conduct detailed field analysis on site in order to promote operational efficiency and eliminate numerous potential problems before they arise. Our skill level, combined with our degree of experience, allows us to perform evaluation, maintenance, repairs, and retrofits even on installations not our own.

Remote System Maintenance

Another unique service feature of EMC lies in our ability to monitor your control systems remotely.  Our engineers can link to your system online and analyze, troubleshoot and repair often without ever having to send out personnel.  This saves you tremendous headache, time, and money.  Should a more complex problem arise, our technicians are still always on call for you.  However, this feature makes their deployment more powerful because on site they can broadcast their visual to our team of engineers granted access back home.  We only install this feature with your consent, though we highly recommend doing so as it gives you even quicker access to all of our resources.  We have found this process to streamline matters particularly in the Water/Wastewater industry, where we can integrate remote system maintenance into both remote stations and plants.  Please note that even if you are running older controls and have not yet upgraded to PLCs, we can still integrate remotely.

If you would like assistance or consultation with any question, or need to reach us for immediate service 24/7, please follow the link to our Contact Page.