Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is a typical size project for EMC?

Our projects cover a broad spectrum and typically range from $5K to $1M or greater. As an independent control system integrator we have the flexibility to select from a variety of quality products to provide solutions for any size project. Additionally, we provide project management, engineering, and AutoCAD services on a time and material basis.

What types of equipment and services does a typical EMC project include?

A typical control system project includes engineering design, application engineering, design and fabrication of the control equipment and control panel (s), programming of the controller and operator interface, testing of the controls, and on-site system start-up. More advanced systems often include network interface configuration and custom software development.

Is EMC a General Contractor?

EMC is a general contractor and we have experience in all aspects of control systems installation. Our preference is to provide in panel field termination and engineering supervision services and to work with local electrical and mechanical contractors who already have a relationship with the customer, who know his facilities and preferences, and who understand his particular needs.

Can EMC panels be UL certified?

Yes. EMC is a certified UL508 panel fabricator.

Does EMC Retrofit existing equipment?

EMC can tailor its services to exactly fit your needs. Retrofitting electrical controls can save thousands of dollars over the cost of new equipment. Many times the components that fail have long lead times or in many cases are obsolete. We can replace your antiquated relay logic control panel with a new state of the art PLC / HMI based control system.

  • Retrofitting can provide more flexible functionality, higher reliability, and less downtime. 
  • Retrofitting can open your process to a whole new world of communications, diagnostics, alarming, and data logging
  • Spare parts are readily available.

All of our retrofitted control panels are fully wired and tested prior to delivery – minimizing start-up time. All retrofit solutions include updated electrical schematics and software/programming code.