Custom Printed Circuit Board Design and Manufacturing

EMC has designed and manufactured custom control printed circuit boards since its inception, specializing in power electronic control equipment for AC and DC motor control and protection. From single printed circuit board applications to control assemblies to replace obsolete controllers, EMC can custom design a control solution that is a direct replacement for old or obsolete controllers allowing older equipment to continue operating. EMC can design a custom retro-fit solution that in most applications can be reinstalled in the existing controller panel saving installation downtime and money. Some of the applications are:

• Industrial Digital to Analog Converters
• Digital Tachometer Analog Converter – Replacement for an Avtron K661 Tach Converter
• Universal Field Function Regulator
• Synchronous Motor Protection and Field Application Module- Direct Replacement for a GE (IC3655A105) 
• Synchronizing and protection Module.
• Universal SCR Firing Circuits
• Gate Pulse Isolators
• AC and DC Isolation Amplifiers
• Signal Conversion Units
• Signal Conditioning Units
• Compact SCR assemblies with built in pulse isolation (Regen and Non-Regen)
• Generator Field Regulators
• Eddie Current controllers

EMC's in house printed circuit card design and manufacturing capabilities allow us to recognize our customer's specific control needs and go from engineering concept to functional prototype in days instead of weeks or months. If you have a control system where spare parts are no longer available or repair is becoming more and more difficult, EMC's Custom Printed Circuit Board Design and Manufacturing is your solutions.