Cellular Telemetry - RTUs - Bidirectional - SCADA

Electric Machine Control has deployed multiple Cellular Telemetry Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) in diverse Water & Wastewater applications.  Cellular Telemetry is a cost effective, easy to use, and reliable means for transmitting and receiving data over the existing cellular service provider’s network.

Electric Machine Control provides full Electrical Design, Application Engineering, Programming Services, RTU Fabrication, and Drawings/Documentation.  Electric Machine Control’s Cellular Telemetry utilizes standard industrial control components and modems, and all PLC programming is open architecture design, and is always non-proprietary and fully expandable.  RTUs can be designed for standard monitoring only or they can be designed and configured for full bi-directional control.

Electric Machine Control Cellular Telemetry Features and Benefits 

  • Simple deployment and maintenance – standalone, “plug-and-play”
  • Cellular Network Reliability – Modern and continually expanding network (most providers moving to 4G networks.  Cellular providers constantly monitor the quality of their service, the status of their servers and their communication links and they maintain backup/auxiliary power at most of their facilities.  In most all instances the cellular network is already in place and maintained by a Nationwide Fortune 100 company.
  • Reliable Transmission – fixed – no roaming
  • Secure – digitally secure and protected IP addresses
  • High Speed Communication – Real time
  • Reduced upfront capital costs
  • Installation and start-up time and costs are greatly reduced
  • Easily expandable as system needs grow
  • Full system testing at our facility prior to shipping 
  • Special Cellular data plans, including pooling, available for utilities